lives changed

 Meet the people whose lives have been changed through their involvement with River Valley United Way.


Cody Black, current President of the River Valley United Way Board of Directors, shares his feelings about his involvement with United Way. Cody is a Commercial Lender Vice-President at Arvest Bank.


Since becoming involved as a board member for River Valley United Way my perspective on our communities has changed so much.  My eyes have been opened to so many organizations in the River Valley that fulfill the needs of people who would not have otherwise had an ability to help themselves.  It amazes, astounds, and fills my heart with warmth to see the generosity of the people within our tri-county area who volunteer much needed proceeds and countless hours to support organizations that in many cases receive very little if any state or federal funding and operate on shoe string budgets to fill huge voids that would otherwise cause many of these needed programs to be defunct. Unfortunately this need will continue, but if the past is any indication of the future, so will the support of this wonderful organization from selfless communities that make up the River Valley United Way.