Day of Caring FAQ

Day of Caring 2022 Frequently Asked Questions

How does Day of Caring work?

River Valley United Way collects volunteer project requests from schools and nonprofits in early fall. Our Day of Caring team then personally matches these projects with the right volunteer teams. RVUW provides technical support to assist partners to participate and have a successful Day of Caring.

Volunteers complete projects at the host site on September 16th.

Who can participate in Day of Caring?

Organizations with a 501c3 nonprofit status are welcome to submit a project request to participate in River Valley United Way’s Day of Caring. Religious organizations that provide community outreach programs, such as food pantries or address education, financial stability, and health impact areas, may also submit project requests that support these programs. 

Any resident is welcome to register to volunteer. Any company or group of 2 or more people can form volunteer teams to sign up for volunteer projects.

What kinds of projects take place on Day of Caring?

There are many different types of projects available on Day of Caring including supply drives, office work, hands-on work at the project site, large group projects, and everything in between! However, the most common type of work requested is general maintenance, cleaning, and landscaping. 

How are projects submitted to River Valley United Way?

Schools and nonprofits interested in participating in Day of Caring can complete a project request form on River Valley United Way’s website

Where do volunteer groups come from? How do they hear about Day of Caring?

Most volunteer groups are created through our community’s generous corporate partners who choose to participate in this community-wide event as a way to give back.  Some groups hear about it from family members or from new co-workers who have experienced it at a previous job.

Others hear about it on the radio, TV, online or by asking someone wearing a Day of Caring t-shirt. You are welcome to invite your current volunteers and corporate partners to organize a Day of Caring volunteer team so you can participate with them.

How do volunteers sign up to participate in Day of Caring?

Volunteers interested in participating should submit the volunteer registration form.

Every volunteer will receive concierge-level service by our Day of Caring team to personally match their team to the right project.

How do we celebrate our collective accomplishments?

River Valley United Way will create a brief video that captures some of the sights and sounds of the day’s work as one of our community-wide “thank yous.” Additionally we will post photo albums to our social media platforms for your enjoyment for the outcomes and accomplishments of the day. 

We ask project host sites to post to their social media and tag River Valley United Way in those posts.