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Healthy Kids Free Vitamin Program

Cobb’s Westside Pharmacy in Russellville is partnering with the River Valley United Way to participate in the Healthy Kids Free Vitamin Program. With this program, the pharmacy will provide children ages 4-12 a 30-day supply of FDA-approved chewable vitamins for free each month.

Parents or guardians must register for the program at the pharmacy at 108 Skyline Drive and come back every 30 days to pick up the monthly supply.

The program is expected to save families hundreds of dollars per year and hopes to address nutritional deficits that face today’s children.

Studies show that childhood nutritional deficiencies can lead to problems in adulthood such as heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity and cancer.

For more information, call the pharmacy at 479-968-7180.


Click here to download the enrollment form to take with you to Cobb's Westside Pharmacy