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Non-Profit Resources

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River Valley United Way works with some of the highest performing non-profits in the River Valley. To find one click here.

Research & Tools for Non-Profits

AR Kids Count Data Book -   Lots of great information for grant justification, and demonstrating the need.

The Common Good Forecaster is a free online tool that projects how a change in the education profile of our state & community is linked to wide-ranging ripple effectsin ten critical social and economic indicators. For example, what would happen over time in a local community if the dropout rate were cut in half? The Common Good Forecaster shows how this would alter key factors in health (such as life expectancy and obesity rates), in financial stability (such as median personal earnings and the poverty rate), in community involvement (such as voting and incarceration rates), and even in education results for the next generation (children's reading proficiency rates). While education is vital for getting a stable and self-supporting job, the cascade of changes extends into many other non-economic quality of life issues. 

Click here to access the Common Good Forecaster