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River Valley United Way Board of Directors authorized the establishment of the River Valley COVID-19 Relief Fund in March 2020. The fund distributed resources to United Way’s existing network of partners providing direct service to individuals and families effected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to our generous community, more than $18,000 helped over 1300 people stay in their homes, keep their utilities connected and supplied basic necessities. 

“United Way knows many people in our community are one missed paycheck away from financial crisis,” said Kristy Williams, Executive Director. “Our network of partners are working to provide needed assistance to families. This fund will support those efforts.”

As local funders, we understand many individuals and families have been affected by the outbreak already and more will continue to be affected. The Fund will grant resources to community-based organizations that are directly supporting local residents and families who are most affected by emerging health, economic, and social impacts.



I/my family have been impacted by COVID-19. How will this fund help me?

Check out our COVID-19 Updates page for resources.

The fund will assist individuals through funding granted to community-based organizations that have experience and history of providing people and families with services and support. These are organizations that are already working to help you. Please call 211 for information on local services.

My organization is interested in resources from this fund. Can we be considered?

In order to move resources quickly and not further burden organizations on the frontlines of the pandemic, we are not hosting a formal application process at this time. We will identify individuals in need of services through referrals from local non-profit organizationS. If you have a client at your non-profit who is in need due to COVID's impact, please calle 479-968-5089.

When will you share who receives funds?

We will update weekly with anonymous information about the services provided by the fund.

Is there a fee to donate?

No. River Valley United Way will not charge any processing fees on gifts to this Fund. 

I want to donate. Can I restrict my gift to a specific organization?

To ensure we move resources as efficiently as possible and respond to the needs of communities most impacted, the Fund is not considering restricted donations at this time. The COVID-19 Response Fund was created in hopes of providing a way to coordinate as many resources as possible.